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Italy is considered one of the most sought-after destinations for weddings abroad. For sure, one of the reasons for the popularity of Italy as wedding destination is the variety of settings available for the wedding celebrations such as, for example, the stunning terraces overlooking the Lake Como, the rustic and authentic style of Tuscany countryside, the majestic opulence of the palazzos in Venice, or the manicured gardens with sea view in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. In all these places, and many more, it is possible to arrange the wedding ceremony of your dreams. Below I have briefly described the options for your wedding ceremony and the services I offer.

Symbolic Ceremony

Amalfi Coast wedding

The Symbolic Wedding ceremony in Italy is the celebration of love between the bride and groom in front of their families and guests.
It has no legal or religious value, so no documents need to be produced.
It can be performed anywhere: in a beautiful garden, a terrace overlooking the sea or just in the most romantic place you can imagine.
The Symbolic Ceremony is extremely flexible in terms of readings, vows, rites and structure. I can truly make it as you want.
Get in touch if you wish I write a bespoke wedding ceremony and perform it on your wedding day.

Civil Ceremony

Tuscany wedding Ceremony

The Civil Wedding in Italy is a legally binding ceremony.
It has to be set in a Town Hall or a wedding venue authorized for this purpose. 
The documents to be provided depend on the nationality and residency of the spouses.
The ceremony includes the reading of the articles of Italian Civil law (read in Italian and translated in English), the exchange of rings and vows. Generally, it is allowed to include one or two readings to add a more romantic touch.
If you wish I translate and craft your Civil wedding ceremony in Italy, do not hesitate to contact me. 


Elopement Positano

Are you keen to live an intimate and romantic wedding in the most suggestive or iconic Italian destinations?
Perfect! Then you also need a wedding ceremony that reflects the style of your elopement and represents your personalities.
Whether you choose to go for a symbolic ceremony or a civil wedding, I will be pleased to write your wedding ceremony script or translate it (in the case of a civil wedding). Of course, I will also perform the wedding ceremony making your “I do” even more memorable.
Get in touch to talk about your ideas!

Same Sex Wedding

Gay Wedding in Italy

Since 2016, Italy has (finally!) recognized same-sex civil unions (unione civile in Italian) allowing gay and lesbian couples to enjoy the beautiful Italian venues for the most special day of their lives. The same-sex civil unions in Italy can take place in a Town Hall or an authorized venue. Also, specific documents need to be produced following defined procedures. Alternatively, the option is to arrange the same-sex symbolic ceremony without worrying about the documents and procedures. As a firm believer that “love has no gender and no boundaries”, I will be more than happy to write (or translate) your wedding ceremony and conduct it on your wedding day.
Get in touch to check my availability.

Vow Renewal

Vows renewal

The vow renewal is the opportunity to celebrate your love and your union after your marriage. It can happen anytime, anywhere and for any reason: when you have reached a marriage milestone, after overcoming a though time, as surprise for your partner, to relieve the emotions of the day you said “I do” for the first time, to combine it with a party or holiday in Italy.
The vow renewal can be for you two or performed in front of your guests. Also, you can choose to repeat the vows of your actual wedding ceremony or say the words you have never said.
I am here to create and perform the wedding ceremony you desire.
Just get in touch to know more.


wedding documents translation

To get legally married in Italy, you need to provide a list of documents to the Town Hall of your wedding destination.
Besides, the Town Hall generally requires the bride and groom to sign a preliminary declaration. This has to be done before the wedding (1 or more days before the wedding, depending on the opening hours of the office and availability) and the spouses have to be present in person with an interpreter.
If you are looking for an interpreter for your preliminary declaration, I am here to help you.
For British passport holders, I am also available for the sworn translation of the Certificates of No Impediment (CNI).
Let me know if you need further info!


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